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From Director’s Desk

A school is a microcosm of the society to which it belongs. It is the cradle of the future of that society and the world at large. For from a school emerges the minds that turn the wheels of a nation’s future, even the future of our civilization itself. A school is the temple of learning, where future citizens are born and nurtured into self-confident, purposeful citizens with clarity of vision and the necessary determination to make a difference and to spearhead social changes that will impact the way the world develops.

Accord School is the culmination of a vision, a strong desire to do something more towards contributing to the society a place of learning that embodies our rich intellectual and cultural heritage coupled with the latest in modern scientific and technological know how coming together in a seamless harmony.

We understand the responsibilities of those who undertake the challenge of providing quality education that goes with the times and looks ahead of the times — to nurture and mold young hearts and minds to take on the responsibilities of nation building, to instill in the youth a love for learning and making them life-long learners, of instilling in them the core values of honesty, integrity and commitment and the need to work together to not just achieve distinction individually but to give their best to society through collective effort for a better tomorrow.

Accord School embodies the spirit of the enlightened sages of this land who distinguished themselves by kindling the light within for a more encompassing vision of life and the scientific spirit which forever looks behind and beyond the known phenomena to unravel the enigmatic secrets of Nature and the cosmos.

To borrow the words of Martin Luther King, "Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education." And as Swamy Vivekananda says, "Education is the manifestation of perfection that is already in man." The need of the hour is to make it possible for the young hearts and minds to be free and flourish in an ideal environment of caring and proper guidance into well rounded personalities.

Accord School looks forward to providing the ideal environment that will open the doors of opportunity to the younger generation to fulfill their dreams.

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