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Why Accord School

Accord School continuously strives to inculcate the best academic practices in an effort to create a bench mark for an ideal teaching-learning environment conducive to make learning a joyful activity. The focus is on the environment both within the classroom and without, which makes learning an exploration in which teachers and the taught are collaborators and there is ample scope for questioning, debating and hands-on activities for the learners. This will help a great deal for the students to come to grips with knowledge they generate through guided activities.

The stress is on working together, a healthy exchange of ideas and a highly developed sense of curiosity awakened through facilitating the exploratory instinct in children. The facilities provided in school help an interdisciplinary approach to learning which makes it holistic and meaningful.

There is also an emphasis on values and relationships through which the pupils are taught to value the unique qualities of their peers, their teachers and the adult world with which they are in constant interaction.

The assessments are based on the CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) as stipulated by the CBSE and these are carried out diligently and the cumulative results are communicated to the pupils and their parents in the form of a periodic feedback for improvement.

From an early age, children are introduced to the use of ICT and are encouraged to use the laboratories for hands-on problem based enquiry and assimilation of concepts taught. Homework is given in moderate quantities where the stress is on reinforcement of what is learnt in class. It will be in the form of worksheets or simple activities which will help place the ideas learnt in context and make the child aware of the relevance of what he has learnt in his day-to-day life.

Great emphasis is placed on the child’s interests for extracurricular activities and both indoor and outdoor activities are built into the daily schedule to allow for an all-round development of the child.

Teachers are trained to be sympathetic listeners and to pay individual attention to children to assess his capabilities and areas where they are challenged and to take remedial action to bring them on par with their academic group. In-house workshops for teachers along with regular meetings to discuss their observations and problems among themselves and with the management are a few salient features of the school.

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